Buddy Club Racing Sport Seat - Black & Grey

Buddy Club Racing Sport Seat - Black & Grey

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The brand new Racing Spec sport seat is the newest adjustable racing seat from Buddyclub. This seat is developed by Buddyclub racing team and the original design concept from the P1-limited and Racing Spec bucket seat. The seat can use for different driving conditions and protect the driver comprehensively. The perfect design and technology we use on the precision-adjustable mechanism can assure proper ergonomics and best performance. The horizontal stripes design in the center is not only provided the optimal driving comfort but also allow the driver to feel cooler.

Over 90 degrees adjustable design
The most outstanding feature of the Buddyclub Racing Spec sport seat is over 90 degree adjustable design. This function can adjust the backrest to flat. Also it can adjust forward which makes the passenger of coupe cars can enter the back seat easily.

Microfiber material 100% match
Buddyclub racing spec sport seat made of Microfiber that emphasizes breathability and comfort. The material is more slip resistant than nylon fabric. No matter the driver wears the racing suit or normal casual clothes, this material can provide the best support for keeping the driver's body in the right driving position even with strong G-forces

Center horizontal strips
Patented design of center horizontal strips not only provide the perfect visual effect, but also eliminate moisture. The flanks of the side also provide outstanding support.

Special design triangle adjustment knob
The special design triangle knob can easily help driver to adjust to the best position. After testing, the adjustment knob can provide very high durability and perfect quality.

Available in Black Only! Red has been discontinued.