DC5 Type S Door Sill Plates OEM (DISCONTINUED)
DC5 Type S Door Sill Plates OEM (DISCONTINUED)

DC5 Type S Door Sill Plates OEM (DISCONTINUED)

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Honda Integra Type S Door Sill Plates, come equipped on the JDM Type S in Japan. Perfect touch to your car! These are directly bolt on to a RSX.

These are no longer available from Honda of Japan. They have been discontinued. So make sure you grab a set if they're available on our store!


  1. Re-use your stock "RSX" plastic door sills
  2. Removeyour aluminum "RSX" plates with a heat gun
  3. Clean left over residue
  4. Apply light amounts of crazy glue and spread evenly on the door sill surface, while making sure you don't apply it on the edges
  5. Install "INTEGRA" door sill and press firmly
  6. You're all done!

Quantity: 1 (1 Pair or 2 Door Sill Plates)

**Complete door sill shown on the picture is for display purposes only. You'll be receiving the metal plates ONLY.**

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