2005-06 Acura RSX A-Spec Sports Suspension Review!

Let's start by If you're looking to be slammed on the ground without being Functional this is not the suspension for you. Slammed is not always the way to go. If you have that kind of mentality this is not for you either. 👍

I've tested this suspension for nearly a year now and I have some conclusions about it. The suspension sits 1" lower than stock. The Type R Version sits .75" lower than stock So A-Spec wins, personally it looks more than 1" lower as I've parked next to a stock 05-06 DC5 Type S and my car looks as if it's on coilovers without the worry about busting your oil pan by going into a driveway.

The A-Spec Kit comes already assembled and ready to go, so installing them was a breeze if you can get your rusty bolts off from the old set up that is... Lol

This kit is a great set up if you're looking to be Original yet, bring that aggressive stance to your car. The handling is very impressive, no body roll in corners. The suspension is firm but still plush when riding on the streets. Car finds itself quickly without losing traction on bumpy corners as well. It is a VERY sporty ride.

The kit was part of Acura's A-Spec Sport Package, 4 brand new shocks, assembled and ready to install with 1 year/10k mile warranty from Acura. 👌

It is available still which makes it extremely appealing to those who want performance without compromising drivability and a hole in your wallet vs coilovers.

Honestly, I really like this set up and I would buy again for the price and performance. It's well balanced for this set up, which makes it a complete overall package.

Thank you for reading this quick review for the A-Spec Sport Suspension! It is a very a unusual set up for today's trends which makes it stand out even more on my books! Until next review!

Thank you

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