Who is DC5R Parts?

          In 2015, A well rounded page was created with YOU in mind. Offering, not only excellent customer relations but also many rare JDM Products, DIY Project Guides and Performance Car Part Reviews. That's what I set out to do when this page was founded, but before that happened, I needed to understand you better so let's go back before DC5R Parts was even a thought...

My passion for the DC5 chassis started back in 2006, I watched a website ad of a 2006 Acura RSX Type S. I completely fell in love with the car's thrilling sound and body lines, I knew I had to get it. Fast forward a few years after reading every thread on the Club RSX Forum, in 2011 that wish became true. My very first car was a Acura RSX and I was ready to start modifiying it to my liking with useful performance parts that did not alter the car's originality.

I spent many countless hours, days, months and years in the garage, making it better in every way. Until It was time to move on, sold it and bought my first new car, 2012 Acura TL. After driving that for a few years, I quickly learned to miss that excitement of building something. In mid 2015 I bought my dream spec, a 2005/06 Acura RSX Type S in Vivid Blue Pearl just like the one I used to "Build Your Own" on Acura's website back in 2006. Except I've built my own to a Type R spec model, I was able to blend the best of both worlds, Type S Styling and Type R Soul.

You see, I was too a customer, I've dealt with JDM Import shops, online merchants, sellers, you name it. I quickly learned many lacked passion, they did not connect with their customers or even cared, they only wanted to make a buck and forget about you so I decided to make a difference in the car community so DC5R Parts was born in late 2015.

Now many years later, I stand proud of what I have created, an amazing page full of content with passion, dedication and respect behind it all. Giving you access to great info and products to make your build and dreams come true.

Welcome to my website, and I want to personally Thank all of my supporters and the DC5 community for continuing backing us up since day one.

It's been a long journey and I don't plan on stopping here... the "Built To Inspire" way of thinking will always be my passion.

Thank you,


Luis Brito

Founder of DC5R Parts