DC5 Type R Brembo Caliper Project!

This guide It's all about the parts needed & tricks to Install this kit directly on your current "02-06 RSX Type S" stock hubs.

Parts Needed

  • DC5 Type R Brembo Calipers (w/Brake Pad Hardware/Caliper Bolts)
  • Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Front Carbon Blank Rotors
  • High Performance Brake Fluid
  • OPTIONAL: 15/20/25mm Spacers

Make sure you buy the essentials to do this brake job, that means brake lube, cleaner. Optional: Stainless Steel Brake Lines (It's not necessary, but it's a nice upgrade while you're at it.)

Remove your Type S calipers/brake line, rotors, & install the new rotors, they will fall in place perfectly, make sure you reuse the screws that hold the rotor in place.

Next, you will bend your rotor shield (Caliper Side) towards your engine bay. This will make enough room to install the much bigger Brembo Caliper. You do NOT need to cut this shield.

Install your Brembo Caliper using the Type R caliper bolts. Do NOT reuse the Type S caliper bolts as they are different thread size and length. The Brembo Caliper will drop in place without a hassle.

Now, Install your New Ceramic Brake Pads. Make sure you lube the back of the pads and edges where they slide in place. TIP: Install the brake pad with the clip attached to it on the outside. This clip is your pad wear warning.

Reinstall your BRAKE LINE using the Type R bolt. Make sure you use new compression washers on either side of the line to prevent leaks. Lastly you will bleed the system. You can bleed both sides at the same time like I did. This will speed up the process.

You will need a minimum of +35 offset wheels. If you do not have that spec wheel. Install your desired spacer 15/20/25mm to clear the Brembo calipers.

You are done! This is a quick and straight forward guide to this installation that you can follow. Please if you do not have the ability to do this kind of job, hire a professional, I am not responsible for any of your mistakes.

We have the "Bolt On & Go" Brembo kit ready for purchase in our store! Everything you need, in one place.

Thank you!


  • Thank you for all your hard work and website. I just found it and did most of the mods on my own years ago wish I had something like this then. As far as Brembos you also need the jdm brake proportion valve to balance front and rear.Luckily it is the same part number as 03 accord coupe got one from a junkyard for less than $30.

  • Luis, do you know where to source the replacement pad springs (and pins too) for the DC5R Brembos? I ordered the 350Z pad spring clips (that LOOK identical) but they are a few mm wider. Any help is appreciated!


    Andy Loscavio

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