Highly Recommended Fluids For Your DC5!

What Are My Fluids Of Choice?

Although answers are often subjective. Most people are loyal to brands because that's what they see often on ads or false claims but I've tried them all and found out that these 2 work best for our K20 engines/transmission from long term testing, compared to other leading brands.

🔸Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic 5W-30

This oil has proven me to slow/eliminate the oil consumption "ghost" that follow most people with High Reving K20 engines. For Example, I had used Mobil and it showed me, that consumption was a huge problem with this oil, specific to K20 engines. So switching to Castrol Edge 1 year ago, almost eliminated the need of topping off the oil level, I am very happy this oil so I'm sticking with it. I change it every 7K miles although it's designed for 15K/1YR... I drive the car hard at times which is what I use this oil for, To EXCEED it's coverage of protection during my driving sessions.

🔸 Syncromesh Transmission Fluid (Friction Modified)

I did a review on this product a few months ago so if you missed it, find it on my page. This is just touching base with the subject again as I keep getting questions. I've used this oil over (OEM Honda, Amsoil) and it's top notch. Eliminated the poor gearing feel and 3rd gear pop out most K20 Transmission have. My transmission shifts like butter each and every time, cold or warm weather even after 7k miles of occasionally heavy driving. 🏁 I just changed the fluid and it came out clean after 1 year/7k miles. 👌

🔸 OEM Honda Oil Filter

Always use this filter, it's designed specifically for accurate oil pressure flow!

Again, I'm just sharing my thoughts about these fluids as they work amazing for me and they might work for you too... Do your own research and testing as every oil might perform differently for every engine but start with these 2 as it might save you time.

If you don't have any issues and you are using Mobil 1 or any other fluids, good for you. But these are my choices and there are others that have those similar issues too.

Good luck to those looking for a solution for their fluid needs! I hope you find this post helpful!

Thank you!

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