Honda Access Push Button Install! (EASY)

I've always loved how the Type R came with a optional push button start. It gives the interior a very unique, upscale touch to a somewhat classic car.

The kit comes with a button/cover/harness, all of it is plug and play. Use a flat head to pop the control panel on the left side where the cruise control button is located. Remove the wires attached to the rear of the buttons by pressing on the little tabs and pulling.

You will need to remove your column covers which is held by 3 Philips screws under the column. Next remove the under cover by the foot well, attached with 2 knobs, twist and Remove. Simple...

The push start button will take over 2 places on the left control panel, so you'll have to sacrifice 1 button. You can easily activate the cruise control button and tuck it away behind the panel. Next you'll have cut the divider between 2 button spaces.

It's very easy to cut the button divider on the panel by heating up a knife and slicing the plastic like cutting butter. No hassles and it came out clean!

I had 2 buttons that I use, cruise control & sunroof. I clicked in the cruise control button and pushed it away behind the panel, I can activate cruise control on the steering wheel. 

OPTIONAL: The sunroof button I placed it inside the small storage door on the left. In order to get all that done, I had to extend the wires by cutting some of the insulation away from the hardness. I only did this because I have the JDM coin holder.

Now onto the wiring, it's​ straight forward. Unplug the brown connector under your column and plug it into the female brown connector on the harness, plug the male brown connector on the column. Install the relays from the harness on the left side where you'll find a "green" 10MM bolt. You may install the ground & green wire from the harness under this bolt as well. This will ground the system and make it work.

Lastly, push the harness under the steering wheel column and route the green connector for the push button to the panel area behind the dashboard. Install your buttons and panel. Done!

Activate the button by putting the key in the ignition and turn it until you get see all the lights flash. Push the button and be amazed!

I love this upgrade more than I thought I would... It's simple but awesome! Lol definitely ties in together the "cockpit" feel of the interior.

Hope you guys enjoyed this install/review, If you would like to purchase a Type R push button start kit, It's available in the store!

Thank you!

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  • Keen on purchasing this.
    I have 2004 JDM DC5 type R
    I have those three slots but I have a coin holder and the other 2 are blanks. No roof or cruise, along with this is cruise retro fitted?

    Ben Castleman

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