Type R Power Folding Mirror Install!

The most under-rated DIY of all time on the DC5 platform would be in my opinion, the power folding mirrors from the Type R. This mod can be installed on the 2004+ DC5 equipped with the heated side mirrors.

Doing this DIY, will replace your heating feature with the folding option so keep that in mind while doing this mod.

This mod does require a bit of wiring and disassembling of parts to make it work. If you do not have the basic knowledge in wiring/soldering. I would hire someone qualified to do the job.

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible to what happens on your car if you install this the wrong way. This DIY should be used only as a guide.

Follow the steps and pictures shown below to guide your through the DIY. Make sure you have everything you need in order to complete the project the right way.

We have Power Folding Mirrors w/ Included Mirror Switch & Also Mirror Switch by itself Available to purchase in our store.

Parts Needed: (Available in our store)

  • Type R Power Folding Mirrors
  • Type R Folding Mirror Switch

Tools Needed:

  • Solder/Soldering Tool
  • 14-2 AWG Wire (30ft min Roll)
  • Wire Strippers
  • Shrink Wrap


  • Remove your left control panel with a flat head screwdriver, be gentle as you can easily scratch the edges. Expose the wires from the mirror controls and uninstall the heated mirror switch using a Philips screwdriver. Go ahead and Install your Power Folding mirror switch as well.


  • Remove your doors switch panels with a flat head screwdriver, starting from the front, lift carefully as shown in the picture.

  • Remove your door handles, the screws are hidden behind a small cover, you'll see a small tab on the top within the door handle, remove that and expose the screws. Uninstall the door handle by unhooking the door mechanism cable.
  • There's a few screws holding the door panel, remove them using a regular Philips screwdriver. Once you're done doing that, tug on the edges as there's a few clips holding the panel as well. Finish by removing the door panel.

  • Expose the side mirrors nuts by removing the cover shown in the picture.


  • Disconnect the mirror plugs and Remove the stock side mirrors using a 10MM socket. You then install the Type R Folding mirrors during this step.


  • You will need to fish the wires through the door, you can use a thin clothes metal hanger. Remove the foot well lower panels on the driver side in order to get access to that tube between the door and car.
  • You will also need to run another wire from the passenger door to the driver side panel. Doing the same steps above, sneak the passenger wire behind the glove box/radio/steering wheel column.
  • Now, you will have 2 sets of wires in the control panel like shown in the picture.


  • Remove the side mirror plug from the mounting point on the door until it's free and expose the wiring like this.
  • You will cut the 2 wires (ORANGE & BLACK) on the opposite sides of the socket (LEAVE THE 3 OTHER WIRES INTACT) and solder and shrink wrap them to your new wires like shown in the picture. This picture is from the driver side, the passenger side socket will have only 1 color in common, the other will be a different color but still has the same function. Just make sure you cut the same wires in the positions shown in the picture.
  • Install the plug back in it's place since you are done wiring them. Tuck the new wire neatly and get rid of any slack.


  • Now, you will start the wiring process on the mirror switch harness. follow the instructions on the picture shown. Use a pin removal tool in order to remove the pin holding the BLACK & YELLOW without damaging it. Move it to the location indicated. You will need to cut both ORANGE, BLACK & YELLOW wire, you will need them.


  • Time to wire up the JDM mirrors. It is very important that you switch up the wires like shown in the diagram. The folding will NOT sync if you match the wires color to color (EXAMPLE: BLACKS TO BLACK/YELLOW & BLUES TO ORANGE)
  • You must wire up the wires like I did in the diagram and test BEFORE you solder them permanently.
  • If the folding mirrors sync up while folding, you are all set and you can follow the next step.


  • Once you are done with the step above, and you've tested that the mirrors work perfectly. Now you can solder and use shrink wrap.




Now you have the ability to do this DIY yourself by following my steps. You can purchase this power folding mirror kit right from our store website.

Thank you for reading this awesome DIY, make sure you leave a comment below! Until the next project! :)

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