Hondabond HT Sealant Hi-Temp Liquid Gasket

Hondabond HT Sealant Hi-Temp Liquid Gasket

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Genuine Hondabond HT (hi-temp) silicone liquid gasket. Remember to clean the part / bolt thoroughly before applying liquid gasket. Apply it as thinly and evenly as possible using a brush or putty knife. This really matters, it can make the difference between the sealant working or not working. If you do a nice neat job, it will seal and last. Wait one minute after applying the liquid gasket, then join the two surfaces.

  • For use in areas not requiring solid gaskets such as cylinder head covers
  • Unique non-acidic formula.
  • Dries quickly, remains flexible, resists vibration.
  • Resists oil, water and most chemicals.
  • Effective from 75 degrees F to 600 degrees F
  • 1.9 fl. oz. container with stepped nozzle to help apply


  • Brand New


  • 1x Hondabond Tube

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