Hondata Flashpro CARB - Honda / Acura

Hondata Flashpro CARB - Honda / Acura

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The FlashPro CARB allows datalogging and limited user tuning for late model Honda and Acura vehicles. It includes Windows based software called FlashPro Manager. FlashPro CARB is a FlashPro which only allows uploads from calibrations which are determined to not alter the any emissions related parameters in the ECU thus not affecting emissions. California emissions compliant (CARB EO D-742-1), which allows this product to be used on street vehicles within the USA.

The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide 90 second programming with a variety of calibrations with extensive real time and stored datalogging capabilities.

The FlashPro does not need the factory ECU to be modified to be compatible. FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock. 

The FlashPro CARB cannot be converted to a FlashPro Race.

This FlashPro CARB allows limited tuning or preset calibrations.  For competition vehicles we recommend the FlashPro RACE which allows full tuning.

FlashPro CARB features

Vehicle Applications:

  • 06-11 Civic NonSi & Si (MT)
  • 12-15 Civic Si (M/T)
  • 12-15 Non-Si R18 (MT/AT/CVT)
  • 16+ Civic Turbo 1.5L / 2017+ Civic Si
  • 12-14 ILX (MT)
  • 07-08 Fit (MT/AT)
  • 10-12 CR-Z (MT/CVT)
  • 13-15 Accord 4+6CYL (MT/AT)
  • 04-14 TSX (MT/AT)
    *NOTE: 04-06 TSX requires an 07-08 TSX ecu & adapter cable
  • 06-09 S2000
  • 07-12 RDX
  • 07-08 TL / TL Type-S (MT/AT)

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