Hondata Injector Driver

Hondata Injector Driver

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The Hondata injector driver allows either the use of high or low impedance injectors without a resistor box either as injectors slaved to the ECU injector output or as staged injectors.

Staged injection allows the use of primary and secondary injectors of different sizes. The primary injectors are always used, and may be stock or other injectors with a rapid opening time and good spray pattern., The secondary injectors activate based on driving conditions, and may be larger than the primary injectors. The injector sizes and dead times for each set of injectors do not need to be the same. eg stock 310cc injectors can be used until boost, at which point both 310cc and 1300cc injectors are used.

It also is possible to use two independent fuel systems for each set of injectors. eg. the secondary injectors may use E85 or race gas.

Staged injection requires ECU outputs. Currently this is only supported by the S300 & KPRO as almost all FlashPro ECUs do not have accessible outputs.


  • Four channel injector driver with activation input
  • Drives both peak and hold (low impedance) and saturated (high impedance) injectors
  • Injector current control to ensure both rapid injector operation and low injector temperature
  • Replaces unreliable resistor boxes
  • Housing sealed to IP65 (water resistant)
  • Activation input allows easy injector staging
I'm using low impedance injectors with a stock without any problems.
You just can't see the problems.  Low impedance injectors draw more current than high impedance injectors and will eventually overheat if the injector driver output does not limit the current.  The main concern is that the ECU injector driver outputs will be damaged as they are not designed for the amount of current a low impedance injector draws.

Can I run more than one set of injectors from the Injector Driver?
No, because the way the Injector Driver controls current through the injectors will result in poor injector performance. You need to use one injector driver per set of injectors.

Can I chain multiple injector drivers to control more than two sets of injectors?
Yes.  The activation input may be shared.