Mugen High Performance Oil Filter
Mugen High Performance Oil Filter

Mugen High Performance Oil Filter

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Formed in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda founder Soichiro Honda, Mugen is recognised around the world as Honda’s premium tuning arm, despite not formally being owned by Honda. Offering performance enhancing parts for many Honda vehicles, Mugen is a brand that manufactures top quality parts which aim to improve the experience of the driver.

Providing a high level of filtering and preventing pressure drop is a difficult task in oil filter design. Mugen has accomplished both with their new high performance oil filter. With the factory Honda filter as the benchmark, Mugen’s design has resulted in a 30% improvement in filter efficiency and at the same time a 10% reduction in pressure drop.

This as been achieved by optimizing filtering surface area, filter configuration, and incorporating a new filter material. The new filter utilizes a “Y” shaped cross section, compared to the stock filter’s round cross section, which forces more particulate to stick on the filter material. The gasket and anti drain materials have also been changed for use in high temperature environments..


    • Brand New


    • 2017+ Civic Type R FK8
    • 2001/06 Honda Integra Type R
    • 2002/06 Acura RSX
    • Other Honda & Acura Vehicles



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