Project Mu Club Racer Advance Front Brake Pads - 02-06 RSX Type S / 00-09 S2000

Project Mu Club Racer Advance Front Brake Pads - 02-06 RSX Type S / 00-09 S2000

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Project Mu has developed a new brake pad for the race track. The Club Racer Series features a proprietary asbestos free Carbon Metal brake compound capable of withstanding temperatures up to 800 Celcius (+1400 Fahrenheit). According to Project Mu, Drivers will notice excellent pedal feed back and brake modulation, virtually zero brake fade, and consistent stopping power every lap. 

    ProjectMu ClubRacer (Advance spec) is a special PMU compound with characteristics between ClubRacer RC09 and 999. Developed based on race feedback, the Club Racer pad is a pure track pad with excellent initial bite, brake modulation, and fade resistance. This pad is tailored for time attacks and sprint racing on top of aggressive track days.

    Caution: Extra wear on the brake pads and rotors is possible when running the brake pad out of operating temperature range. When using on public streets, extra brake noise and dusting is to be expected. When running in cool weather or conditions that cool the brakes excessively, Project Mu recommends brake ducts to be covered in order to maintain sufficient heat in the brakes to ensure optimal operation.

    Temperature Range: 200-800ºC (392-1472ºF)
    Friction Coefficient: ~0.45-0.59

    Vehicle applications: 02-06 RSX Type-S and 00-09 S2000



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