Rywire Custom Tuck Radiator
Rywire Custom Tuck Radiator
Rywire Custom Tuck Radiator
Rywire Custom Tuck Radiator

Rywire Custom Tuck Radiator

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Rywire custom tuck radiator made by CSF Radiator can work with any car and any style engine!

Please test fitment against the dimensions below before ordering.


  • Dimensions: 24 inches wide by 9 inches tall
  • Dual-core & Dual-pass (so it flows twice making cooling 30-40% more efficient!)
  • Optional -16 AN bungs or hose end fittings (included) to be used on the side tank.
  • Included mounting tabs w/hardware that you can easily make fit with any vehicle application.
    2 mounting locations to choose from.
    Tabs can be flipped around for additional fitment
  • Billet drain plugs are on top and bottom of side tank making this a flippable design!
    You can even use the top drain for a custom filler!
  • Dual fan hardware included.
    Dual 8" fans available separately (not included)
  • Cardboard stencils included


Where will the filler neck be on this radiator?
There is no filler neck on the radiator, you will be responsible for that on your own. Putting one on the radiator itself will place it too low, and you wont be able to bleed properly. See the Radiator write-up on the October Issue of Honda-Tuning Pages 32, 33 & 34 for a full answer to this question.

Also would i have to mod my hood latch at all?
You will not have to modify the hood latch.

What would I do about the over flow for the coolant?
The overflow will need to be placed off the filler.

What kind of hoses wold i need to run this?
Our radiators are made with -16 AN hose ends, or standard slip over hose ends.


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