Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains
Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains

Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains

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  • Customize your shifter by combining one of these Charm Rings or Chains with one of ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charms
  • See the Fitment List to see what Charm Ring or Chain is best for your application
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Available in stainless steel or matte black finish


ACUiTY's Charm Chains and patent pending Charm Rings are an interesting new way to personalize your shifter. Use these along with one of ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charms (Click for Info) to add a final personal touch to your shifter. The Charm Chains are a relatively universal design and will work with most manual, automatic, and CVT shifters. For the cleanest appearance, instead consider using one of ACUiTY's application-specific Charm Rings (3 styles/applications available, see Fitment tab for application info). The Charm Rings are made from a high-strength stainless steel alloy to permit them to be very low profile, allowing the attached charm to attract attention with a minimal form factor to the Charm Ring itself. 


Combine one of ACUiTY's Charm Chains or Rings with an ACUiTY Shift Knob Charm (Click for Info) to put that final personal touch on your shifter.

Style 1 Charm Rings

Style 1 Charm Rings will mount an ACUiTY Shift Knob Charm to most OEM and aftermarket shift knobs meant for use in Hondas and Acuras. The Style 1 Charm Ring features 2 inner rings that can be broken out to suit additional applications. For most M10 shift knobs, use the ring as is and do not break out the inner rings. For Type R style knobs with a bump on the bottom,  break out the 2 inner rings to clear the bump. For M12 applications, break out the one innermost ring only. See the install guide for instructions on how to break out the inner ring(s).

If you are using any ACUiTY ESCO knob and/or any ACUiTY 1924 shift boot collar in your vehicle, the Style 1 Charm Ring is suitable for your application.

Style 1 Charm Rings will not work with plastic OEM knobs that are held on using an interference fit. These rings will not work with countersunk knobs. For either of those applications, consider using our Style 4 Charm Chains instead.

Style 2 Charm Rings

Style 2 Charm Rings will mount an ACUiTY Shift Knob Charm to any ACUiTY POCO shift knob. Style 2 Charm Rings are designed for use with ACUiTY POCO knobs only. Style 2 Charm Rings are not intended for use with any other shift knobs.

Style 3 Charm Rings

Personalize your Likewise (TM)* or Raceseng (TM)* shift knob using one of ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charms (sold separately, SKU 1979-C0xx). The Style 3 Charm Rings are compatible with Likewise (TM)* shift knobs when used with the Likewise (TM)* Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ (TM)*. The Style 3 Charm Rings will also fit Raceseng (TM)* shift knobs when used with Raceseng (TM)* shift boot collars.

*Raceseng(TM) is a trademark of Raceseng Inc. Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+(TM) and Likewise(TM) are trademarks of We Are Likewise Pty. Ltd. ACUiTY has no affiliation with Raceseng Inc. or We are Likewise Pty. Ltd.

Style 4 Charm Chains

The Style 4 Charm Chains are intended to be more universal than our application-specific charm rings and will mount an ACUiTY shift knob charm to most manual, automatic, and CVT shift levers. The 100mm (4 in) chain fits around 32mm (1.25 in) or smaller diameter shift levers, and the 150mm (6 in) chain fits around 45mm (1.75") or smaller diameter shift levers.

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